We are Software Development Company focused on applications, products and services for Microsoft Windows.

We are competent in next areas:

  • Windows Desktop apps

  • Mobile apps for Windows 8 and Windows Phone

  • Office Add-ins development

  • Applications servers and services

  • IT Consulting and Support services

We specialize in software development with .NET Framework and accompanying technologies since the year 2003 and provide for our partners and customers high-quality software solutions and services in different scopes and areas.

Our specialists are experienced in business software development with .NET Windows Forms, SOAP and RESTful web services. If required, then we can easily extend solutions with Win32 and COM technologies. It provides possibility for tough integration between our applications and operating system or third-party software and tools.

For applications and products with modern and complicated user interface with provide solutions bases on WPF and MVVM technologies.

We have good experience in:

  • Client-server applications

  • Document management

  • ERP systems

  • Machine translation
  • APIs and tools development

  • Windows Shell integration

  • Database

We build and develop mobile apps
for Windows Phone and Windows 8 with .NET Framework, Silverlight and XAML.

Built applications meet Windows
look-and-feel standards and users may get sense that custom application is part of a system.

During development process
of application we use only native tools, APIs and technologies and strictly follow technical guidance and target platform guidelines for user experience.

For corporate customers and partners we build custom add-ins to expend functionality of Microsoft Office,
e.g. Outlook, Word and Excel.

Our solutions are based on VSTO, Win32 and
.NET Framework technologies. We are experienced in this area and provide high-quality solutions to integrate Office applications with external systems,
e.g. Alfresco ECM system.

Also we build custom extensions (connectors) for
Kofax Capture and Kofax Express scan stations.

We build custom Windows services, specialized web services and application servers based on ASP.NET and accompanying technologies (SOAP, RESTful API, WCF, COM, ADO.NET and EF).

In general, solutions are process automation- oriented, perform custom tasks and actions or intended to provide interoperability for different platforms and subsystems.

To achieve your objects in best way, we learn carefully your requirements before implementation started and stay in touch all the time.

We provide code and database analysis services that help to understand quality of the existing source code.

Also we provide technical analysis service to help you know whether third-party solution meets your requirements. Usually, this helps find out some bottle necks or potentially dangerous cases that need extra attention right before project is implemented.

In addition to application development from scratch, we are ready to build separated parts, blocks and isolated libraries according to your requirements and specifications.

We provide support service for your existing or „old” projects. This service may help you in case if previous team came apart, but project still needs support and development.